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Employee Spotlight: Ankita

By Alex Kronenberg on October 22, 2018

Meet Ankita - she's the newest member of our superstar support team! Discover how she came to live in Norway, what inspired her to join FotoWare, and where she can be found outside the office when she's not solving cases...

What is your role at FotoWare?

I'm a Support Specialist - I help with the support cases we get when people can't find their way with something, so they come to us and we help them!

What did you do before working here?

I was a database administrator before. It was related to support, but mostly with the databases - not working through a product. 

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How did you end up in Norway?

We moved here in December 2017 from India. My husband was here on an assignment and I accompanied him here for a few months with our baby. I was on my maternity leave at that time, and we really liked it here - it was so friendly and so open. I love the culture here and how people actually take time to relax and be with their family. After that, my husband found a job in Oslo and we decided to move here!

Why did you want to join FotoWare?

I saw the job description on LinkedIn and it was a mixture of everything I had done before - and also a step forward from what I had been doing. The other thing was that FotoWare showed it was a multi-cultural company, with people from different backgrounds working together. This felt like a very good opportunity for me, especially since I am from a different background myself, and I can learn the Norwegian language at my own pace here, as the working environment is in English.


What tips do you have for starting a new job at a company like FotoWare?

The first few weeks I was just finding my way through all the products and learning all about them. You have to take one step at a time. The good thing about being a newcomer is that I don't have any preconceived ideas about people's problems, so I listen carefully to the problem that each person has and try and do the same thing that they are doing, so I can feel everything that they feel. I have to find out how to solve their problem and figure out a way to communicate it to them simply.

How did you become interested in technology, software and computers?

I had computer classes in school and I started doing well in them. It wasn't ever really my hobby, that was mostly painting. I found that I was good at working with computers, so I continued with it and graduated from college with a degree in Computer Sciences - I've been working in tech for 5 years now!

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What is your favorite thing about using FotoWare?

I love that you can have metadata, to have details about your assets. Every time you view a photo, you can look at this information to see what it is about, or when and where it was taken. Digital Asset Management doesn't just hold the photos like Google Drive would do, without any information. When I use it for my family purposes, with all of our photos, I really like this feature.

Where can you be found outside the office?

One of my hobbies is painting. I love to paint, draw and sketch, but it happens mostly when I am alone. After I had my baby it has been hard to find time for that though. Mostly, I am found in the park, pushing the barnevogn (baby stroller) from here to there! My daughter is 1 and a half now, so she needs me all the time around here, and she wants to go everywhere in the parks, but it's good fun! I hope that in 20 years' time I can show photos of her on FotoWare and say this is the cloud solution that we used 20 years ago when you were a baby!

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How do you describe Digital Asset Management to friends and family?

I tell them that it's something you can use to keep your photos and videos, that it is somewhat like Google Drive, but it is so much better than that because you can properly organize your data! You can create neat folders, tagged with the dates and events, so it makes it so easy to go back and see it all.

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