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FotoWare takes 2nd place in Equality Check’s 2021 ranking

Diversity Day 2021

May 21st is International Diversity Day, dating back to 2002 when the UN General Assembly declared this will be a day marking the importance of Cultural Diversity, Dialogue, and Development. That is why Equality Check chose today to announce the winners of their 2021 ranking, and we are proud to reveal that FotoWare received second place. To celebrate this, I would like to share some thoughts about how and why we promote inclusion and diversity here at FotoWare, along with insights from our team on what diversity means to them.

Why diversity

At FotoWare, we believe that diversity plays an important factor in any successful business or organization, offering a greater spectrum of ideas, thoughts, and knowledge. A successful business has the ability to foster a growth mindset among its employees, allow out-of-the-box thinking, and give a high level of autonomy to everyone working there. By having a diverse workforce with different skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences, we are better equipped to take care of our customers, whom all have different expectations of us and come from many different countries and cultures. We also find that people enjoy working in a company that focuses on diversity and gender balance, which means that recruiting the best candidates for our open positions is a very important job.

Companies need people with different skillsets and ways of thinking in order to grow, and a lot of success is built on having a strong company culture at the core. It is therefore crucial for any business that wants to be successful to ensure that they are an attractive place of work. And, in order to stand out as a great place to work, especially in a global environment, you have to facilitate for a work culture where people of different genders, backgrounds, and cultures can thrive together.

What our employees think

With 64 employees from 17 different nationalities, there is no mistake in claiming that FotoWare is a diverse company. Here are some examples of what the people working in FotoWare think about our focus on diversity:

FotoWare_portretter_0970-1Workplace diversity has been shown to create many positive outcomes for employees and companies. To me, it is important to remember that society benefits when companies focus on diversity. It’s not sustainable to constantly poach the same employees back and forth from other companies. Rather than fighting tooth and nail for a slice, companies should focus on making the entire cake bigger. Create a broader pool of talent by giving a chance to strong applicants from outside your country. Open your horizons and you will find amazing talent. Making diversity a priority within companies will shape society to become more equal.” - Arna Storm


Diversity is incredibly important to me because it’s so vital in helping us to learn about each other.  Being diverse means representing things like different ages, nationalities, and genders. We are all shaped by the culture and experiences that we have grown up with, and so it’s natural that we have cultural differences – whether it’s Norwegian to English or Korean to Brazilian, and so on. But by bringing together people from all walks of life that we can learn and understand one another better, and grow as individuals.” - Alex Kronenberg



I think diversity is not just about gender, race or ethnicity, but it’s understanding and caring about different perspectives, experiences, and ways of thinking. And that's what makes me love working here at FotoWare.” - Eunbyeol Koh



When employees respect each other and get along in an organization, it is amazing how productivity increases, morale increases, and employees are more courteous to customers. I'm proud to work at FotoWare with over 40% of the workforce are women, with 17 countries represented in the team and strongly believe a diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” - Simi Adeyeye



I believe that a company with great diversity creates a culture that challenges established truths and unconscious bias. You get people that complement each other to do their best work.” - Christine Rønsen




Diversity works as an energizer to an organization. People with different backgrounds, ages, and gender bring together a complete set of experiences, values, and views on how a modern organization should approach and solve the challenges of tomorrow. In a global market a diverse organization is key to achieve company goals and prevent failure.” - Øystein Syversen




For me, FotoWare diversity shows the importance of your values and practices respect for the talents, no matter your origin.” - Maksim Kozyrev



I think a company that emphasizes diversity is winning in many ways. First of all, it creates a welcoming and open space for different people. It is much easier to be yourself and feel comfortable in such an environment, as you can be sure that you are accepted and valued because of who you genuinely are. Secondly, companies that support diversity are usually more creative and innovative, as different employee backgrounds help to come up with genuinely out-of-the-box ideas.” - Mariana Mehedyniuk


If you want to learn more about Equality Check, you can check out their website here

Do you like the idea of working at FotoWare? Visit our career page and apply to one of our open positions and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

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