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Digital Innovation in Policing: Virtual Conference 2021

By Eunbyeol Koh on June 10, 2021

As the digital transformation continues across the law enforcement industries, digital evidence is becoming increasingly valuable in crime investigations and forensic processes. Ensuring that this data is handled securely and efficiently is more critical than ever before.

The FotoWare Digital Evidence Management (DEM) solution has assisted in crime-solving by providing more efficient ways of working with digital evidence since the first police customer onboarded in 1998. As a leading player in this market, FotoWare has been delivering the Digital Evidence Management solution for over 20 years, helping various law enforcement agencies worldwide.

On the 1st and 2nd of June, the virtual conference: Digital Innovation in Policing, one of FotoWare’s signature events, was held with a huge success. Nearly 400 participants from +250 organizations and +60 countries took part. 14 speakers from various organizations, including Microsoft, KPMG, DNB Bank, Unblur, and UAS Norway were lined up to speak at the event, as well as experts in first response and drone technology.


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The 2-day event brought the international policing community together to learn from each other and discuss how technology can be used to assist in crime-solving. This included a variety of sessions on best practices for using Digital Evidence Management solutions to handle forensic files securely and speeding up digital investigations.

Thank you again to all who joined our virtual conference: Digital Innovation in Policing. We would also like to say a huge thank you to our impressive line-up of expert speakers for their contributions to the event. If you couldn’t attend the event or would like to rewatch the sessions, you can access the recordings and full presentation files, available to download here.


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Full Speaker Line-ups

img-police_conference-headshot-5Keynote: Digital Innovation in Policing
Anne Greatland & Ove Evensen, FotoWare 
Having been named top DEM systems globally, Anne discusses what innovations we have already implemented and what the next steps are for our solution to maximize the potential of digital transformation in the law enforcement industry.


img-police_conference-headshot-6Digital Evidence: From Camera to Court
Janniche Moe, FotoWare
Janniche takes a close look at the lifecycle of evidence data and the key considerations that you should take into account in each stage. She also shares some tips for improving workflows.


img-headshot-ole tomDigital Defense Report
Ole Tom Seierstad, Microsoft
Ole Tom Seierstad, National Security Officer has been working for the cybersecurity field at Microsoft for the past 17 years. He shares an insider's perspective on what to expect for the future regarding cyber defense and how to prepare for it.

img-police_conference-headshot-7Getting accreditation for your crime scene investigations 
Faisal Mahmood, Medialogix UK

In line with the Digital Policing Vision 2025 in the UK, many police forces seek digital transformation. Faisal gives insights on essential factors that need to be considered and the benefits of building a fully accredited solution.


img-police_conference-headshot-8Challenges of regionalizing imaging for forensic support
Kevin Clark, FotoWare
Kevin Clark, who worked for North Wales Police for 28 years, shares how 4 different police forces in the UK have combined different systems to collaborate on investigation processes and solve crime faster.

img-police_conference-headshot-9Enhancing First Responders' Safety with Technology
Steve Mclinden, Unblur
He discusses the use of technologies and AI within the emergency response operational landscape and how these are enhancing incident management and situational awareness.

img-police_conference-headshot-10To succeed with digitization, one must digitize security
Hans Christian Pretorius, KPMG
Most people agree that newer technologies are safer than old ones. Despite this, there has been much debate over the safety of the cloud. He gives insights on critical factors that every organization must consider when considering moving to the cloud.


img-headshot-terjeAll that glimmers is gold: Fraud hunting from a bank perspective
Terje Aleksander Fjeldvær, DNB Bank
Ever wondered how technology is used to commit fraud or how it can also be used effectively to detect fraud? Terje gives insight into how criminals use technology and shares practical examples and knowledge from DNB.


img-police_conference-headshot-11Empowering the investigation of digital evidence by visualizing assets
Oliver Kern, Xenario GmbH
In a crime scene investigation, it is crucial to know WHERE evidence was captured. Oliver gives insights on how visualizing geo-references of assets can help speed up crime investigations.

img-police_conference-headshot-12Lunch Break Q&A
Bettina Berntsen, FotoWare
Bettina discusses the emerging trends, concerns and priorities in law enforcement this year and beyond. She also covers questions raised during the event.


img-police_conference-headshot-13Handling digital evidence on your mobile
John Fredrik Engeland, FotoWare
With the FotoWare DEM app, you can get evidence from the crime scene to investigators a lot faster and securely. John Fredrik discusses how the app helps police officers capture and record evidence with their mobile devices. 

Untitled design (48)Drones in public safety - how do you handle the data?
Anders Martinsen, UAS Norway
With 400,000 drones already being used in Norway in policing, the use of drones in law enforcement and public safety is on the rise. Anders discusses how law enforcement agencies can use drones effectively and securely, and how to handle data gathered from drones.

Untitled design (47)Facial Analytics in Public Safety
Jacob Sniff,  Suspect Technologies
Jacob takes a close look at how to enhance the efficiency and safety of public and private organizations through advanced and affordable facial and pedestrian video analytic tools.

img-police_conference-headshot-15Integrating Body Worn Cameras Workflows with DEM
Philippe Menu, CanDAM
Philippe looks at the current use cases of Body-Worn Cameras and AI tools such as face recognition by police forces in different regions in North America. He also discusses how to integrate the BWCs and DEM solutions to automate workflows and maximize efficiency.


You can access the recordings and full presentation files, available to download here.