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Digital Innovation in Law Enforcement & Defense 2022

Lately, the law enforcement and defense industries have increasingly begun to digitize records to make information more searchable, auditable, and reliable. Furthermore, digital evidence usage has significantly increased with the introduction of various new surveillance tools that gather evidence, such as body-worn cameras, drones, biometrics, and so on.

All the data related to investigations must be safely stored and protected, from office documents, fingerprints, and footprints to the minute details of a crime scene. Ensuring this data is handled securely and efficiently is more critical than ever.

On the 2nd and 3rd of November, we held our annual Police Conference: Digital Innovation in Law Enforcement and Defense 2022. The international policing and defense communities gathered to share views and experiences regarding digital transformation in the public safety arena.



During the 2-day event, we had visitors from police districts across Europe and virtual attendees from countries including the UK, Iceland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. The sessions covered various topics on best practices for using Digital Evidence Management solutions to handle forensic files securely and speeding up digital investigations, such as AI, drones, video management, and DEMS integrations.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our conference. We would also like to profoundly thank our guest speakers, Medialogix, DeepVA and UAS Norway, for their contributions to the event.

If you couldn’t attend the event or would like to rewatch the sessions, you can access a full event recording here.


Speaker Line-ups

img-police_conference-headshot-5Keynote: Digital Innovation inLaw Enforcement & Defense
Anne Greatland, CEO at FotoWare 
Having been named top DEM systems globally, Anne discusses what innovations we have already implemented and what the next steps are for our solution to maximize the potential of digital transformation in the law enforcement industry.


img-police-conference-headshot-fabian-linder-deepva-1The present and future of AI in digital forensics
Fabian Linder, Business Developer, DeepVA
With the volume of digital evidence growing at an unprecedented rate, data review and analytics have become a new challenge for investigators. Fabian discusses how AI can be used in digital forensics to reduce manual tasks and speed up crime-solving. 


img-police_conference-headshot-13Integration of different systems in DEMS
John Fredrik Engeland, Professional Services Manager at FotoWare
As more and more police departments are deploying new technology and tools at a rapid pace, the need for integration with different systems has arisen. John Fredrik gives insight into some of the key integrations in FotoWare DEMs with a real-life demo.


img-police_conference-headshot-7How to handle ever-growing video data
Faisal Mahmood, CEO at Medialogix UK

Today's ever-growing amount of video evidence brings about new challenges in terms of managing the data in a secure and efficient way.  Faisal looks into how to handle video evidence demonstrating key features such as video redaction, 3D objects, and 360 walk-throughs. 


Untitled design (48)Drones for crime-solving and rescue
Anders Martinsen, CEO at UAS Norway
With 400,000+ drones already being used in Norway in policing, the use of drones in law enforcement and public safety is on the rise. Anders discusses how law enforcement agencies can use drones effectively and securely, and how to handle data gathered from drones.



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