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On Digital Asset Management and Beyond

21 Dec 2016

Rules for Ruling DAM

Elizabeth Keathley

I understand your position, DAM Frustrated. Those of us who love imposing order over messy file systems regularly find ourselves at wit’s end when working with those who tolerate “good enough” self-managed file systems. Some people just don’t understand the intrinsic joy that can be found by putting things in order. They’ll try to tell you that creativity thrives amid chaos, but don’t you believe it; creativity is best enabled when a worker can find what they need easily and without delay.

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15 Dec 2016

Is Digital Asset Management Difficult?

Christopher Frenning

​The Vendor says: "Digital Asset Management is easy." The Consultant says: "Digital Asset Management is difficult." What should you as a customer believe?

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8 Dec 2016

Finding a Career Working with a DAM System

Elizabeth Keathley

Oh, DAM Hopeful, if there were only a way I could show you to sure-fire employment with a reliable DAM system like that offered by the host of this blog, FotoWare. Unfortunately, the path to a Digital Asset Management job remains an uncertain one, and Digital Asset Managers themselves come from varied educational and professional backgrounds. However, I have compiled a list of general advice that I give out in general to everyone seeking DAM employment, and I offer it here for your enjoyment. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts hen seeking a career in Digital Asset Management:

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12 Oct 2016

The DAM Choice Committee Needs Your Help

Elizabeth Keathley

We’ve entered the fourth quarter of the year, and so I expect soon I will begin to receive my annual crop of emails such as the one below.

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30 Aug 2016

The 7 Point DAM Readiness Checklist

Cato Salter

If a CMS is a place to put the pieces together and publish finished content, then a DAM is the place to safeguard and keep those individual pieces.

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