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Celebrating 2021: Our most popular articles of the year!

The most popular articles on our blog from 2021

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2021 is coming to an end, and as we are getting ready to begin the new year, we thought we’d look back at the content we’ve produced during these past twelve months. We’ve published a total of 39 new pieces on our blog this year. Here are the five articles that were the most popular with our readers:

Number 5.

How Lindex increases speed-to-market with the FotoWare DAM solution

As one of Europe’s leading fashion companies, Lindex has 65 years of experience and about 4000 employees. Having used FotoWare for over fifteen years, Lindex has really optimized its technology stack to ensure speed-to-market and brand consistency.

Back in March, we did an interview with Tech Business Analyst at Lindex, Josephine Cederborg Wennberg, in which she explained just how FotoWare has enabled Lindex to improve its marketing and e-commerce strategies.


Number 4.

How consent forms in FotoWare can help you ensure GDPR compliance

In the spring, we launched our Consent Management feature, enabling FotoWare users to embed customized consent forms in their DAM solution. In this article, we took our readers through the three main ways this new feature can help marketing and HR departments in ensuring GDPR compliance.


Number 3.

6 challenges all marketing teams face when managing digital assets

Since many organizations are using FotoWare to solve challenges related to marketing, we thought we’d share some of the top ways to do so. The article goes through six problems that are common among marketing teams and explains how the FotoWare DAM solution can help solve these.



DAM Myths vs. Reality

Uncover the truth behind the most common DAM myths.                              



Number 2.

How retailers succeed online with Digital Asset Management

As one of our key industries, many retail companies have improved their digital strategies and performance with the FotoWare DAM solution. In this article, we’ll explain how our DAM enables retailers to achieve success online. Have a read and learn why every retailer needs a DAM.


Number 1.

How to collect and manage image consent forms in FotoWare

After launching our Consent Management feature in the spring, we found that a lot of people were curious about how it could be used, which is why we wrote this article explaining it. In the blog post, we took our readers through the main benefits of the Consent Management feature and explained three ways to use it.

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