Radmila Stolz

As a young and driven marketing enthusiast I aspire to new technologies and strategies. As part of my role, I handle several communication channels to help marketing teams shift towards better organized digital assets. I hope that with my posts I can inspire others and help companies to achieve their goals and create beautiful content. But who am I? I am a traveller and global citizen that have lived in 6 countries and ended up in Norway for the love of nature and the long hikes. I am a people-person and you are most likely to find me in a busy cafe. I believe I have no fears, so a high top, a jump of a plane or some speed ride are tickling pleasures.

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We are Inspired and Ready for Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire, formerly known as MPN, is the world’s largest Microsoft Event and connects software vendors and Microsoft partners to network, grow and inspire. This year it is taking place in Washington from July 9-13.

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How to Be More Creative


Easier said than done, right? How can you just make more time? If it was that simple, everyone would do it! Well, let me break it down for you... You have 24 hours each day, you spend 8-10 hours at work, an hour for lunch, half an hour...

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What makes Content Marketing work?

Content Marketing is booming! Are you succeeding with it? I would like to share the 6 key elements that I find most important for making content marketing work wonders for your business. Sure, lists like this are found everywhere online, but the trigger...

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