By Bettina Berntsen On October 9, 2019

Why Should You Consider FotoWare for Your Production Workflow?

FotoWare came to life as a result of the news industry's need to embrace digitalization in order to continue telling important...

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By Bettina Berntsen On June 26, 2019

FotoWare Brings Digital Asset Management as an Application in the Episerver App Marketplace

With the FotoWare Connector for Episerver, Customers Maximize Business Investment and Extend Platform Functionality.

85% of...

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By Bettina Berntsen On June 21, 2019

Pride Month - From Party Speeches to Concrete Activities

Focusing and working for diversity at the workplace, it was natural for FotoWare to take our part in Pride Month through the...

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By Bettina Berntsen On May 10, 2019

Our Top 10 Tips on How to Increase Gender Equality at the Workplace

Today, we attended ODA Nettverk's Inspiration Day at Oslo Concert House for a day of inspiration, tech-talks and how to...

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By Bettina Berntsen On May 3, 2019

FotoWare is Named as a Finalist for Prestigious Gender Equality Award

“Being recognized on the same basis as the big role models for diversity within the tech-industry is a great honor and joy. At...
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By Bettina Berntsen On November 21, 2018

5 Things to Think About when Creating High-Quality Content

When focusing on frequency goes at the expense of quality.If you’re working after the Inbound Marketing Methodology, you soon...

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By Bettina Berntsen On November 14, 2018

Why Visuals are Key to Content Marketing and Business Growth

The world is visual - and people won't buy products they can't see. With high quality displays on everything from mobile...

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By Bettina Berntsen On October 30, 2018

FotoWare Captured The White House

When the White House Historical Association wanted to prepare and make public its image archive of 25,000 images, the...

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By Bettina Berntsen On September 6, 2018

Top 5 Books on Leadership

A great leader can be many things, but one thing that is common for all is their devotion to continuous learning and...

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