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5 Reasons Why Digital Asset Management is Right for You

By Bettina Berntsen on May 25, 2016

Digital assets within the company should be considered the memory of your organization. Why spend time trying to remember what you already know? 

The most compelling reason you should consider for making an investment in a Digital Asset Management solution is the ability to easily find, access, retrieve and use images, presentations, text documents, logos, videos, marketing material, sales brochures and design files, all from one single point of entry, across multiple devices, both from inside or outside the organization.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Digital Asset Management will benefit you and your organization:

  1.  You want to save time in finding particular images, graphics files, videos, audio files, text documents, pdf-documents, spreadsheets or presentations

  2. You want to find and retrieve files without relying on individuals who may or may not be available at the time you need them;

  3. You want to reduce the number of requests for frequently needed media files received by the marketing department, by providing users with the tools to find the latest logotype, product images or corporate presentation template themselves;

  4. You want your employees to be able to access files from any location, on their mobile, tablet or desktop or otherwise, and also be able to share those files individually with others, internally or externally, who may require access to those assets;

  5. You want everyone to save time by giving them access to be self-sufficient when preparing and publishing media in electronic and printed form.

If you search for something, and it's not there - then either it doesn't exist, no information has been added to the files to make them retrievable, or you don't have the proper user privileges to access those specific files.

A DAM solution should cater for this, the savings on time spent retrieving files will grow exponentially with the number of employees required to use the system, so the larger your organization is - the higher the savings would be.

By allowing people with different user privileges to access all the digital assets that should be available to them, an organization could save up to 30% of the time employees, in general, would spend on finding existing information or producing it from scratch.

When you make finding, retrieving, sharing and using digital assets possible, then you also make interactions and collaboration more efficient.

There are many myths about Digital Asset Management, and we have collected some of them in our ebook "DAM Myths vs Reality". We crush most, confirm some and teach you how you can leverage DAM in your organization.