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5 Ways the FotoWare App is Helpful for Police Forces

By Amalie Widerberg on September 3, 2020
Digital Evidence Management Mobile App

Time is of the essence when solving and preventing crime, and officers shouldn't have to waste it on searching for information that is already gathered. At FotoWare, we're proud to offer a solution to this problem by helping police forces to store and manage their files with our Digital Evidence System.

When developing our mobile app, it was important for us to work closely with law enforcement in order to ensure that it meets their requirements. By using the FotoWare app, police officers will have their entire Digital Evidence Management system available at their fingertips. Here are five ways this increased availability will be helpful for anyone working in law enforcement.


1. Uploading pictures and videos at the scene

With the FotoWare app, officers no longer have to wait until they are logged onto a computer to upload any pictures and videos. Instead of storing important files on their devices, they can now upload all files immediately, add them to the correct archive, and have them safely stored within the department’s DEM system. All information can be added and edited on the go.

For instance, an officer can immediately add metadata, marking the file with additional information such as involved parties, location etc. Pre-configured lists – or taxonomies – can also be used to increase the efficiency of the uploading process, as well as making the DEM system organized and easy to navigate.


2. Finding the right files can easily be done outside of the office

The app also enables officers to find any file they need, wherever they are. It will now be possible for officers to find the right files within seconds, either by using smart folders or by searching keywords, from their mobile devices.

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Albums can also be viewed and created via the mobile app, meaning that officers can access specific collections and find all files associated with a specific case, for example. If certain files are required to be especially easy to find on a regular basis, users can also pin files to their favorites. That way, your most important files are always just one click away.


3. View your files visually - and in high resolution

The FotoWare app enables officers to choose how they would like to see their files, with a number of different views. For instance, if there are a lot of pictures and you want a broader overview, you can select a smaller thumbnail size and scroll through a large number of images within seconds. If you want a closer look, you can increase the size of the thumbnail for a more detailed preview, and you can also use the zoom-function to closely examine any picture in high resolution.

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4. Add markers to files anywhere, anytime

The app does not only make it easy to find and view files, officers can also mark a file to give it additional context. Markers can be added in a couple of clicks, and might be used to request that more information is added, such as the name of an individual in a photo. It can also be used to identify that a file contains disturbing or graphic content. In this way, no one needs to watch such files unless it’s necessary for them to do so. The file will still be viewable within FotoWare, but its content will not be shown in the preview when scrolling past it.


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5. Improving collaboration across teams and departments by easily sharing files

One important aspect of police work is collaboration. No officer works alone and often files need to be shared across different teams. This process is made quicker and easier with the app. Instead of wasting time with stationary computers and manually inserting files into different emails, officers can now share complete albums with other teams or external departments through their phone. Not only does it save time, it also makes it possible to share important photos the minute they are taken, complying with the department or the organization’s security policy.

Sharing files is easy. The user simply uploads everything they want to share, add the files into an album, and they can then share the album with anyone, while controlling download rights.

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Police forces should be able to do their job without spending too much time on archival work. With the FotoWare mobile app, a large portion of this time is saved, and can now be used for other tasks. If you would like to see a demonstration of how the app does this, you can watch a recording of our webinar.

If you are considering a Digital Evidence Management system for your department or team, you can book a meeting with us, where we will show you a quick demo and help you find the best solution for your needs.