The state of GDPR for HR, Marketing, and Communications in 2022

On-demand event for HR, Marketing, and Communications leaders

Streamed from Litteraturhuset, Oslo the 24th of May 2022


Hear from industry experts and get the latest insights on how the GDPR is impacting HR, Marketing, and Communications teams in 2022 and beyond.

As of May 2022, it's been 4 years since the GDPR's introduction into EU Law in 2018. Much has happened over the past 4 years and the regulations have had a wide-reaching impact across many areas - including for leaders in HR, Marketing, and Communications within their organizations.

To mark the anniversary, we wanted to provide a forum to look at how GDPR has impacted HR, Marketing, and Communications practices, the lessons learned over the past few years, and what we can expect in the future as GDPR continues to develop.

You will hear expert insights into how leaders in HR, Marketing, and Communications can successfully navigate the GDPR and ensure compliance for their companies, using the most efficient and effective methods, as trends continue to grow in areas like personalization and employer branding.

The line-up includes speakers from KPMG, PwC, Otte, and FotoWare, with extensive experience working at the forefront of the GDPR.


Keynote: Anne Gretland - CEO, FotoWare

"GDPR & Marketing 101" - Henrik Sørheim - Associate & Lawyer, PwC

"GDPR for images made easy: Streamlining your consent management process" - John Fredrik Engeland - Professional Services Manager, FotoWare

"Privacy and marketing: reaching your audience in an ethical way" - Torgeir Andrew Waterhouse - Founder & Partner at Otte AS 

"How to process privacy and the users' rights on social media" - Nina Hoddø Bakås - Senior Associate, KPMG

Panel discussion - "Personalizing content in a modern world"

Watch the event: