2. a widely held but false belief or idea.

Like most things, Digital Asset Management is prone to a myth or two... or seven! We've decided that enough is enough and put our best myth-busters on the case to debunk these seven erroneous claims about DAM that might just be holding you and your team back!

MYTH #1: Changing your DAM is difficult and expensive

If your users aren’t fully satisfied with your DAM, they won’t use it.

That makes processes more difficult and inefficient in the long run. That’s expensive.

Our use of industry standards, database connectors, and powerful APIs make transferring data into our DAM a breeze. And, our certified engineers have years of experience with this. You can be running days from now and we offer a free proof of concept to prove it!

MYTH #2: "I already have a tool that does that"

Many systems have a built-in media manager and some companies can even try to survive with generic tools to store their rich media.

But DAM is fundamentally different. It will empower you, not limit or frustrate you.

MYTH #3: It takes a long time to implement a DAM

It takes a couple of minutes to sign up, and a day or two to run at full speed with FotoWare in the cloud, with your most important assets. Is that a long time?

MYTH #4: DAM in the cloud is not fast enough

The cloud-only solution does all the magic for almost all users. But, for those of you that handle batches of thousands of very large files, we have hybrid solutions that let you work efficiently locally while storing and sharing safely in the cloud.

MYTH #6: DAM is too expensive

Microsoft’s ISO27001 Certified cloud is safer than most on-premises data centers. We use industry leading encryption, firewalls, and monitoring systems, and dedicated security experts work full-time on keeping your data safe. Additionally, your data is protected by Norwegian Privacy Laws - which are among the Top 3 strongest in the world.

MYTH #7: DAM is sexy

DAM exists to support your processes, not steal the show.

We strongly believe your team shouldn't leave their favorite applications. Most of our users don't even know what a DAM is! Our plugins for Microsoft, Adobe and CMS systems help users right when they need content from the DAM.

In fact, it's easier than using a file stored on your desktop. Now that's sexy!

Now you know not to fear these seven DAM myths any longer, but if you have any other queries we'd be happy to hear from you. Get in touch here and subscribe to the blog for more!

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Alex Kronenberg

With a background in both digital marketing and journalism, I love exploring the latest developments in the worlds of tech and social media. My role at FotoWare is to help tell the fascinating stories of our incredible users across a broad spectrum of industries, featuring everything from independent photographers to museums, and charities to sports teams. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!

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