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On Digital Asset Management and Beyond

What do images mean for the UK's largest organisation dedicated to dogs? “Dog images represent our brand and what we are about, so it’s important to have various images that visually show this, as well as engaging images to communicate to our customers. Having a DAM system is crucial to managing so many dog images in today’s fast moving digital world.” In the latest of our Behind the DAM series with Heidi Hudson, Digital Asset Manager at The Kennel Club, we learn how thousands of images are handled during their popular live events and the hugely successful Dog Photographer of the Year competition. Read the Kennel Club's story and learn what image management means for a brand, straight from the hands of a Digital Asset Management expert.

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Gerd Ludwig is a documentary photographer who has travelled the world shooting for publications including National Geographic, Time, Fortune and Geo. Specialising in socio-political and ecological issues, his work has lead him to Eastern Europe on a number of occasions, in particular documenting the changes from the break-up of the former Soviet Union and the impact of the Chernobyl disaster.

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PhotoVoice is a UK-based charity which uses photography to help bring about positive social change through projects all over the world. Over the last 13 years they have been involved in 75 projects in 35 countries. How can one five-person organisation manage projects of such scale?

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21 Dec 2016

Rules for Ruling DAM

Elizabeth Keathley

I understand your position, DAM Frustrated. Those of us who love imposing order over messy file systems regularly find ourselves at wit’s end when working with those who tolerate “good enough” self-managed file systems. Some people just don’t understand the intrinsic joy that can be found by putting things in order. They’ll try to tell you that creativity thrives amid chaos, but don’t you believe it; creativity is best enabled when a worker can find what they need easily and without delay.

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15 Dec 2016

Is Digital Asset Management Difficult?

Christopher Frenning

​The Vendor says: "Digital Asset Management is easy." The Consultant says: "Digital Asset Management is difficult." What should you as a customer believe?

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